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The Market

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Having now surpassed our 100th birthday,  having first opened for business in 1914, Shepherd's Bush Market is a historical landmark within the West London Community. Standing on the East side of the railway viaduct running between Uxbridge Road and Goldhawk Road, the market is surrounded by landmark destinations including famous music venues, theatres and educational institutions.

An assortment of businesses can be found trading from within our stalls and famous railway arches.World renowned for our fabric and falafel, we house over 90 traders. Many of whom have been here for generations securing returning customers from all over the world. Serving both the local and wider community, the market is a great place to go for fresh, cooked and exotic foods.

With a wide variety of fresh produce, fabrics, household goods and furnishings the market has long stood as a one stop shop for the local community, gaining a reputation as one of the most diverse locations this side of London.


  • Arfat Fruit & Veg
  • Arfat Fruit & Veg
  • Arfat Fruit & Veg

Arfat Fruit & Veg

Unit; Stall 43 – 45 Being famed for our fruit & veg is solely down to the varied vendors we have had long standing within the market. Serving up a wide selection of the best is none other than Mr Arfat, of Arfat Fruit & Veg. Consistently being one of the first traders to be ready(…)

  • Sam’s Fashion Jewellery

Sam’s Fashion Jewellery

Unit; Stall 38 Occupying a homely stall within the centre of the market, Sethi’s is packed to the rims with an eclectic collection of statement costume jewellery. Covered wall to wall, the stall is stacked high with a stunning range of gold and gemstone jewellery. Whether you’re after something to complete an evening look or just(…)

  • Bush Bedding Centre

Bush Bedding Centre

Where? Shop 20 The ‘Bush Bedding Centre’ is one of our longest standing businesses, having opened in 1940, they are now reaching their mid/late 70s! Currently owned by Paul Bardini and his son Paul Jr, the business has been passed down through the generations starting with Paul Jr’s great grandfather. Carrying a large stock of home(…)

  • Morris Curtains
  • Morris Curtains

Morris Curtains

Name; Mr Dari Unit; Arch 177 Meet Mr Dari, the smiley chap in the blue hoodie, owner of Morris Curtains. Now, take it from us, if you like having a bit of a natter, he’s the man to go to. As well as serving you with a large selection of fabrics and home furnishings, the(…)

  • She Fashion
  • She Fashion

She Fashion

Unit; Stall 54 Strolling through the market, you won’t be able to miss the bright colours and gorgeous textures hanging from She Fashion. Paving the way for the markets ‘scarf game’ they are packed to the seams with gorgeous prints and embroidered pieces. Whether it’s Russian doll designs, Indian embroidery or Persian prints you’ll be(…)

  • China Wok
  • China Wok
  • China Wok
  • China Wok

China Wok

Unit: Shop 58 (facing onto Goldhawk Road) Having joined us from the Truman Brewery, China Wok have now added Shepherd’s Bush Market to their growing list of London market spots! Serving up street food cult classics like sweet and sour chicken to spicy beef with your choice of noodles or fried rice, you can’t pass(…)

  • The Grill Master
  • The Grill Master

The Grill Master

Unit; Shop 30 & 31 One of the 3 falafel vendors having famed the market, The Grill Master is a great place to grab a bite and indulge in a little people watching. Located right in the centre of market lane, you can grab a seat inside or enjoy the atmosphere on their patio. Specialising in(…)

  • Horatha & Co

Horatha & Co

Unit; Arch 170 Our longest standing business, Horatha & Co, first opened in the market in 1919. Having passed through the hands of generations, the business is currently run by the original owners grandchildren, James & Danielle Horada. Constantly re-stocking their offering, they are known for dress, furnishing and curtain fabrics. The business specialises in bringing(…)

  • Pak Butchers & Fishmongers
  • Pak Butchers & Fishmongers

Pak Butchers & Fishmongers

Unit; Shops 53 & 54 The first butchers and fishmongers you’ll meet entering via Goldhawk Road, you’re sure not to miss the atmosphere leaking out of these neighbouring units. Stocked high with nothing but the freshest meat and fish, the extensive staff on hand are all the more happy to brighten your day with a(…)


  •  No; 155
    Name; Wheeler
    Selling; Ladies Fashion Wear

    No; 156
    Name; Youth Kamp
    Selling; Gentleman's and youth outfitters

    No; 157 & 158
    Name; Saed
    Selling; Handbags and luggage

    No; 159
    Name; The Shoe Store
    Selling; Men's and women's shoes

    No; 160
    Name; International Cash & Carry
    Selling; Groceries

    No; 161 - Unit 1
    Name; Virk
    Selling; Household goods inc. China, glassware & hardware

    No; 161 - Unit 2
    Name; Duggal
    Selling; Ladies, gentlemen's and children's nightwear.

    No; 161 - Unit 3&4
    Name; Tecle
    Selling; Household goods, toilet requisites, fancy goods & haberdashery

    No; 162
    Name; Guru Kirpa Ltd
    Selling; Furniture, carpets and furnishings.

    No; 163
    Name; Strawberry Hill

    Selling; Fresh fruit and vegetables

    No; 164
    Name; Kalra
    Selling; Ladies fashion wear.

    No; 166 - Units 1&2
    Name; Bhalinda
    Selling; Ladies fashion wear, Abiyah's and perfume.

    No; 166 - Units 3&4
    Name; Goulwara
    Selling; Ladies and Menswear

    No; 167
    Name; Dar
    Selling; Groceries

    No; 168
    Name; Mahal
    Selling; Childrenswear

    No 169;
    Name; Bush Shoes
    Selling; Boots and shoes

    No; 170
    Name; Dave Horatha & Co
    Selling; Fabrics and general draper

    No; 171
    Name; Aslam
    Selling; Travel goods

    No; 172A/B
    Name; Doshi
    Selling; Gentlemen's clothing

    No; 173
    Name; Sohota
    Selling; Footwear

    No; 174a
    Name; Bush Store Jeweller's
    Selling; Jewellery

    No; 174b
    Name; Sethi
    Selling; Ladies traditional Sudanese clothing

    No; 177
    Name; Morris Curtains
    Selling; Curtain Materials

    No; Arch 178
    Name; K Fashion
    Selling; Ladies and Childrenswear.

    No; 179
    Name; Guru Kirpa Ltd
    Selling; Furniture, home furnishing and lighting

    No; 180
    Name; Kwapong
    Service; Hairdressers

    No; 181
    Name; Mahdi
    Selling; Ladies Fashion Wear.

    No; 183
    Name; Moon Foods Cash & Carry
    Selling; Groceries and deli goods.

    No; 184
    Name; Shepherd's Bush Halal Meat & Poultry
    Selling; Butchers 

    No; 185a
    Name; Harmit Fashion
    Selling; Ladies Fashion Wear

    No; 185b
    Name; Hash Choice Gents Wear
    Selling; Menswear, foundation garments and hosiery

    No; 187
    Name; The Drug Store
    Selling; Hair and beauty products

    No; 188
    Name; W. Orya Textiles
    Selling; Curtains, clothing, farics and household furnishings.

    No; 189
    Name; Harmit Fashion
    Selling; Ladieswear

    No; 190
    Name; Little Feast
    Selling; Street Food and Bar

    No; 191
    Name; Pak Continental
    Selling; Groceries, provisions and deli goods.

  • No; 1&2
    Name; Quality Fruit & Veg
    Selling; Fresh Fruit and Veg

    No; 3&4
    Name; Unique Phonez 4 U
    Selling; Mobile Phones and Accessories

    No; 6&6a
    Name; Parris Hats
    Selling; Hats, gloves, scarves and artificial flowers

    No; 8
    Name; Saed
    Selling; Suitcases and travel goods

    No; 11
    Name; Maher Fashion
    Selling; Hosiery

    No; 18
    Name; Soft Touch Lingerie
    Selling; Ladies underwear, housecoats and nightwear.

    No; 20 & 21
    Name; Steve Hill & Son's Fruit & Veg
    Selling; Fresh fruit and veg

    No; 26
    Name; A Man Mobile Accessories 
    Selling; Mobile Phones and accessories

    No; 34&35
    Name; British Lingerie
    Selling; Ladies lingerie and nightwear

    No; 37
    Name; Dave Horatha & Co
    Selling; Bed and household linen, babywear, menswear, ladies wear, undergarments, dress material and curtains

    No; 38
    Name; Sam's Fashion Jewellery
    Selling; Watches, jewellery and religious ornaments

    No; 41&42
    Name; Sweet Hearts
    Selling; Sweets, confectionary and cold drinks.

    No; 43, 44 & 45
    Name; M.A Fruit & Veg
    Selling; Fresh fruit & veg

    No; 48
    Name; Essential Beauty
    Selling; Jewellery

    No; 52&53
    Name; Tamana Fashion Hats & Bridal
    Selling; Wedding accessories, artificial flowers, winter accessories and wigs. 

    No; 54
    Name; She Fashion
    Selling; Scarves, shawls, artifical flowers and swimwear

    No; 55
    Name; K Fashion
    Selling; Ladies and Childrenswear

    No; 60
    Name; Robbie's
    Selling; Ladies nightwear, lingerie and hosiery

    No; 61
    Name; Kurana's Menswear
    Selling; Men's Clothing

    No; 64&64a
    Name; Khurana Collection Childrenswear
    Selling; Childrenswear

    No; 65
    Name; Divine Jewellery Ltd
    Selling; Jewellery

    No; 75
    Name; Bridal Bee's
    Selling; Bridal accessories and flowers

    No; 79&80
    Name; Hadia Toys & Souvenirs 
    Selling; Fancy Bazaar Goods

    No; 81
    Name; W. Orya Textiles
    Selling; bedspreads, pillows, curtains and assorted houshold furnishings.

    No; 84
    Name; Harmit Fashion
    Selling; Ladieswear

    No; 85, 86 & 87
    Name; Zam Zam Luggage
    Selling; Luggage and accessories

    No; 88&89
    Name; Fletcher's Fruit and Veg
    Selling; Fresh fuit and veg

  • No; 0
    Name; Cafe 2000
    Selling; Falafel, shawarma and cold drinks

    No; 1
    Name; Laura's Fruit and Nut Case
    Selling; Confectionary, nuts, biscuits, cakes and snacks

    No; 2
    Name; Oberoi
    Selling; Watches and assorted technological goods

    No; 3
    Name; Khurana
    Selling; Scarves, tights and costume jewellery

    No; 6
    Name; Kotak
    Selling; Ladieswear

    No; 7
    Name; Basi
    Selling; Mens Fashion wear and undergarments

    No; 8
    Name; Basi
    Selling; Ladies underwear and nightwear

    No; 9
    Name; Grundman
    Selling; Household goods

    No; 10
    Name; Butchers
    Selling; Fresh and frozen meat and poultry

    No; 11
    Name; Rogers Pet Shop
    Selling; Pets, pet food and associated requisites

    No; 12
    Name; Vander Weiden Fishmongers
    Selling; Fresh fish

    No; 13
    Name; GS Fabrics
    Selling; Fabric's and sari's

    No; 14
    Name; Haider
    Selling; Hair and beauty products

    No; 15
    Name; The Gift Shop
    Selling; Kitchenware, ornamental china and fancy goods

    No; 16
    Name; BM Discount Store Jewellers
    Selling; Jewellery and watches

    No; 18
    Name; Khurana
    Selling; Ladies shoes

    No; 19
    Name; Almaz Textiles & Haberdashery
    Selling; Haberdashery

    No; 20&20a
    Name; Bush Bedding Centre
    Selling; Bedding, ready made curtains, bath towels and cushion covers

    No; 21
    Name; Ghogar
    Selling; China, glass and hardware

    No; 22
    Name; Almaz Textiles
    Selling; Fabric's

    No; 24&25
    Name; E Mill's & Son
    Selling; Carpets, linoleum and rugs

    No; 26&27
    Name; Acton Well's Ltd
    Selling; Foam cushion and upholstery, cushion and seat cover fabrics

    No; 28
    Name; Jan Butcher's
    Selling; Fresh and frozen meat, eggs and poultry

    No; 29
    Name; Almaz Textiles
    Selling; Somalian and Sudanese fabrics 

    No; 30&31
    Name; The Grillmaster
    Selling; Cafeteria and grill

    No; 32 - 35
    Name; Singh
    Selling; Luggage and travel accessories, household and soft furnishings

    No; 36
    Name; Khurana
    Selling; Lingerie and underwear

    No; 37&38
    Name; Madhan
    Selling; Ladies and childrenswear

    No; 41
    Name; Robbie's Nightwear
    Selling; Ladies nightwear, lingerie and hosiery

    No; 40&42
    Name; Kotak
    Selling; Gentlemen's clothing

    No; 43
    Name; Mumuni
    Selling; Fabrics and haberdashery

    No; 44
    Name; Style-A-Fone Vapezone
    Selling; Mobile phone and vaping accessories

    No; 45
    Name; Saleem Cosmetics
    Selling; Perfumes, cosmetics and assorted beauty products

    No; 46a
    Name; Vadva
    Selling; wrist watches and tobacco accessories

    No; 46b
    Name; Arora
    Selling; Gloves and hosiery

    No; 47
    Name; June's For Knitwear 
    Selling; Knitwear, jackets, hosiery and scarves

    No; 48
    Name; Burea De Change
    Service; Currency exchange and international shipping services

    No; 49
    Name; Falafel Hut
    Selling; Falafel wraps, shawarma and cold drinks

    No; 50
    Name; Momo Hut
    Selling; Nepalese Street Food

    No; 51&52
    Name; Kapoor
    Selling; Handbags and travel goods

    No; 53
    Name; Pak Butchers
    Selling; Meat and poultry

    No; 54
    Name; Pak Fishmongers
    Selling; Fresh fish

    No; 55
    Name; Ahmed
    Selling; China and hardware

    No; 56
    Selling; Childrenswear

    No; 58
    Name; Zam Zam Luggage
    Selling; Luggage and travel goods

    No;  54A Goldhawk Road
    Name; Goldhawk Watch & Clock Repair
    Selling; Clocks, jewellery and watches. 
    Services; Clock and watch repair

    No; 9 Uxbridge Road
    Name; Avakian
    Selling; Florist