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Highlights from Models Of Diversity’s Fashion Show





MoD 2

Last Saturday, Shepherd’s Bush Market got all glammed up for Models Of Diversity’s amazing fashion show event! From every corner of the catwalk, dozens of paparazzi/ media press stood waiting for their chance to capture a rare moment of diverse models, breaking down the stereo types that lurk within the fashion industry. Models of Diversity takes pride in the organisation by encouraging people of all ages, races,sizes to embrace their outer beauty as well as their inner beauty. It was amazing to see such a variety take part in such a tremendous event. The clothes modeled were a combination between freelance designers by some of our very own traders-which put a smile on their faces! What made this special is that not one person was considered your ‘average model’ but something beyond that – ‘Unique and Beautiful in their own way’. So although change can be slow, I’m confident that after this event more people will get involved for upcoming fashion shows in the distant future!

Let’s not forget, we had an amazing line up of celebrities such as: #SandiBogle (@gogglebox0from #Gogglebox who strutted her stuff (South-London style!) #CBB #GailPorter (@Gailporter) who graced us all with her amazing outfits and style; #StedPearson (@StedPeasron) from #FiveStar , who gave a performance of his life by singing his new single ‘Love You More’ to the wonderful Vicky Balch (@Vickyj_b) , Alton Tower survivor modeled for the first time after her tragic  accident. These are just the few remarkable people that helped give Models Of Diversity the strength and the publicity this show truly deserves!

For more information on how you could become a model, click here to check out their website!

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Take a look at some of the pictures taken from the fashion show:


The brave and beautiful #VickyBalch, Alton Tower victim triumph over her tragedy by showing off her style of fashion!


The amazing #GailPorter showing nothing but smiles along the runway! #gorgeous


The Hilarious #Sandi from #gogglebox amazed us all with her stunning red dress down the catwalk (with a few laughs in between of course!)


Mens fashion collection 2015


Women fashion collection for plus sizes 2015


Angelica, from Models Of Diversity found herself showing us how it’s done along the catwalk


Strutting down the runway MoD style!

Meet our new Traders: Port Of Manila

port of m Are you a major foodie fan? Then why not check out the market’s newest pop-up stalls known as Port Of Manila, home of the best tasting flavours of the Philippines. They serve noting but fresh food and traditional dishes such as: lumpia, Filipino–style spring rolls; Cassava cake, it’s a super delicious cake made from cassava root and coconut milk and many more! port of m 4port of m 3



I got a chance to catch up with Maria, head chef of Port Manila to find out more about her amazing food:



How Long have you been in the food business?

Maria: Just over 11 years! We’re normally based in Brackenbury road (not far from Shepherds Bush station)

What made you get into the food industry ?

Maria: We are a family that is passionate about introducing authentic Filipino cuisine to the world with pride. I just love food and I enjoy serving it to the many people who enjoy the taste of the Philippines warms my heart.

How do you think it’s going to sell in the market?

Maria:Really well! Here in west London, there’s a very big Philippine community so I know that will drive business. Also, seeing how it’s a very diverse market I’m hoping to expand on the amount of people that visit us!


To find out more, visit their page: click here to view their website or click here to check out their Facebook page