Nomad cinema

Nomad Cinema- Highlights

Nomad Cinema- Highlights


lunchbox movie

Well, it’s safe to say that everyone loves a good movie and judging by the sounds of it, so did the locals and beloved traders here in the market. Seats were full within minutes, patiently waiting for the movie to begin.  People were describing it as a ‘Truly an amazing experience’The Nomad Cinema made a huge splash in the market showing us the true meaning of ‘a movie lover’. They showed: ‘The Lunchbox’. The story is based on a young housewife, lla who makes an attempt to rekindle the flame with her husband by sending him special lunches.  A touching love story on how even the unlikeliness of strangers can fall in love.

The Nomad cinema outdid themselves by setting up in the pop-up market, dazzling us with great seats, providing a great atmosphere. The Nomad cinema holds FREE outdoor screening events around areas in London!

full metal kettle

cheeky burger

And let’s not forget about the awesome job that both The Cheeky Burger (@Cheeky_Burger and Full Metal Kettle (@FullMetalKettle) providing great food and drink throughout the screening.




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Mad About Movies?

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If you’re mad about movies then look no further! Make a change to your daily regime by heading to a FREE* outdoor cinema to see some of your favourites on the big screen!  Nomad cinema guarantees you the best movie experience shared with your nearest and dearest as well as embraces your cinema obsessions!  So invite or drag along some of your friends and family to relive an forgettable movie experience.

no mad cineHere in Shepherds Bush Market, they’ll be showing: ‘The Lunchbox’. The story is based on a young housewife, lla who makes an attempt to rekindle the flame with her husband by sending him special lunches. Unfortunately, the delivery goes missing and lies into the hands of an irritable widower, Sajan played by Bollywood star, Irrfan Khan. From passing notes and special lunches, IIa is taken on a magical journey as she builds a fantasy world around her unforeseen friendship through the eyes of The Lunchbox.


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(*Please note: Nomad cinema is subtitled and with wi-fi headsets. The event is also spaced limited,  therefore you  must enter a lucky draw click here  for your chance to win a free ticket!

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