The Valentines Day Gift Guide

The Valentines Day Gift Guide

Is there such a thing as the perfect Valentines gift that could truly express your undying love for your partner? Well, unless it’s a ring the answer is probably no. And hey, maybe you’re just not there yet but it doesn’t mean you get off scot-free (sorry)… Because yes, even if you said you weren’t getting gifts this year, you’re both still secretly expecting gifts this year…

Is there even a present more stressful than the Valentines gift? Maybe you’ve only been together a month or a year, but choosing a gift that is neither saying too much or too little can be pretty daunting. So, we’ve taken the stress out of the situation and picked our top picks of (relatively) neutral Valentines gifts for your significant other, that you can pick up right here at the market.


rose oud shepherds bush market valentines gift

You know there’s a strong correlation between scents and love, right? With that in mind, we honestly can’t think of a more perfect Valentines gift than Rose Oud. Designed to be delicately placed on your pulse points, these long lasting, wonderfully exotic scents are ripe throughout the market. Bursting with the sweet smell of rose, it’s a gift you can both enjoy on loveday (interpret that as you will). You’ll find hundreds of scent varieties through market lane, so if you’re looking for your husband or boyfriend, our traders can accommodate with a wide range of male and musky scents. You can find Oud at; Essential Beauty at Stall 48 and Saleem Cosmetics in Shop 45.


roses florist shepherds bush market valentines gifts

Yes, we know roses are as basic as Valentines gifts can get, but is it even Valentines if you don’t show up suited and booted with one in hand? Single or bouquet is totally up to you, but what we can tell you is Gemini’s Florists are having a full stock delivered this Saturday! They are located on Uxbridge Road, under the railway bridge.


lingerie shepherds bush market shepherds bush market

Ooh la, la.. Now, this is a tricky one. We don’t recommend going down this route if you’re in a new relationship (sorry for killing your buzz) but lingerie can make the perfect gift if you’re in a long term or stable relationship. The market has an incredible selection of lace, satin and silk lingerie & nightwear on offer for the holiday. Visit Robbies in Shop 41 & Stall 60 and British Lingerie in stalls 34 & 35. Just a little hint though, if she doesn’t seem the type to be into this sort of thing, she probably isn’t, go with the flowers and Oud instead.



From folk to fashion, the market really does have it all when it comes to the jewels. Whether you’re after costume, real gold or semi precious jewellery an abundance is on offer to suit any and all tastes. Visit Bush Stores Jewellery, Sams Fashion Jewellery, Divine Jewellery (Stall 65) and BM Discount Jewellers to see all that we have on offer. But if we may offer some advice, get a box larger than a ring box, so they don’t assume it’s THE ring… if you catch our drift.

20 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit Shepherd’s Bush Market

20 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit Shepherd’s Bush Market

Read up on the top 20 reasons why you need to visit Shepherd’s Bush Market;

1.We’re a historical landmark within the West London Community, with 2017 being our 103rd year.

Photo by @nomtaigne on Instagram

Photo by @nomtaigne on Instagram

2. We’re world renowned for some of the best falafel in not only the city but dare we say… the world?

3. Our traders are super friendly and are always up for a good bubble.

Snapshot from the 2015 Cinderella movie

Snapshot from the 2015 Cinderella movie

4. One of our fabric traders are so good, they supplied the fabric for Cinderella’s evil Stepmother in the 2015 hit movie. Find out who here.

5. Our bedding and household furnishings are the exact same that go through some of our major department stores like John Lewis, but at a fraction of the price.

Photo courtesy of @hdglutenfree on instagram

Photo courtesy of @hdglutenfree on instagram

6. Sylvia Fletcher makes sure her son, John, picks up their fruit & veg from the wholesaler EVERY morning. Only to ensure they’re bringing you the best!

The Display in Bush Store Jeweller's

The Display in Bush Store Jeweller’s – @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

7. We have our very own Aladdin’s Cave.

8. You can buy home favourites from Africa to Latin America.

9. You can pick up fresh popcorn and mint tea on your travels through the market.

10. We were voted one of Buzzfeed’s must visit London markets.

Fabrics from Shepherd's Bush Market

@shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

11. We’re world renowned for our fabric, holding some of the best stock from England to Africa!

12. Customers get the chance to win £5 on the spot if you’re the first to show the manager a selfie with a trader – listen out for the tannoy announcements!

Kylie Lip Kit @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

Kylie Lip Kit @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

13. You’ll be surprised by all the on trend products you will find.

14. We have a constant supply of perfectly ripe, tropical fruit year round.


@shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

15. You can find some of the largest avocado’s in the nation.

16. One of our food traders spent over 10 years cooking for some of the biggest names in pop culture, we can’t name names though. 😬

17. We’re a revolving door of pop up traders, so you never know what new treasure you may find!

Photo courtesy of sam_ikinofo on Instagram

Photo courtesy of sam_ikinofo on Instagram

18. We make sure to keep it super atmospheric for you in the evenings.

19. We’re conveniently located between Shepherd’s Bush Market and Goldhawk Road Underground stations, so getting here is a total breeze.

20. And lastly, our market is full of small, family run, independent businesses. By choosing to shop here means funding our local economy and helping the heart of our town beat that little bit stronger.

So be sure to pay us a little visit on your next trip through West London, we’re not a local favourite for nothing!