With it being International Women’s day, we thought we would celebrate some of the wonderful women business owners gracing market lane…

Meet Ranbir Sandhu, the vibrant owner of Bush Shoes. It’s impossible to walk into her store and not get caught by her infectious smile. A true expert in all things shoes, Ranbir took over the family business and has been successfully continuing its 40+ year legacy for years! Specialising in footwear for men, women and children of all ages you’re sure to get some expert advice along with your purchase. Located in Arch 169, this lovable business woman has a serious soft spot for all things chocolate, so if you’re here to celebrate empowering women, you better be sure to make her day and take her along a little chocolate treat!

A truly impressive entrepreneur, Joy Idris is the owner of FOUR businesses within market lane! Covering everything from semi precious jewellery to sweet treats and home furnishings, Joy is the embodiment of an empowered woman! Usually found manning her arch unit ‘Bush Store Jewellers’, Joy is a truly enlightened individual who you would struggle to not stay chatting to for hours on end.

Here’s our beloved Sylvia Fletcher. You’ll find her manning Fletcher’s Fruit & Veg (at the Goldhawk Road entrance) almost everyday. An incredible character within the market this wonderful woman has been a part of the 55 year old family business since it was passed down to her husband, John Fletcher. Definitely one of our most loved residents, don’t miss the chance to swing by and say hello to her today (and pick up some great fresh produce in the process)!

Current owner of our longest standing business, meet Danielle Horada. Danielle has been running Horatha & Co since it was passed down to her through the generations. Originally started by her grandfather in 1919, she has kept her family legacy going strong by maintaining the incredible reputation put in place by those before her. Known far and wide as one of the best textile stores in the area, make sure to visit her in Arch 170 for some of the best fabrics in town.

momo dumpling shepherds bush market

One of our most exciting new businesses this year was Momo Hut, now meet the owners (and sisters) Binu and Bimala! These two have made an INCREDIBLE impression within the community this year, solidifying themselves as one of our most impressive businesses! Pioneers of Nepalese street food, these two lovely ladies have not only won over the heart of our market manager (who eats there EVERY day!) but was even named ‘favourite curry in the UK’ by famous comedian, Seann Walsh! We recommend celebrating today with one their incredible curries and seeing what all the fuss is about!

Yet another of our most loved characters, Sara Parris is the current owner of Parris Hats. Located in stall 6 (by the Uxbridge Road entrance) our lovely Sara is an EXPERT when it comes to all things head-wear! Specialising in hats & fascinators, she took over the business from her father many years ago. Catering to Sarah’s love for the fashion industry she has been a roaring success with the local community and has become a one stop shop for local ladies looking for something fancy for weekend Church events! So if you’re looking for some fancy headwear, you know who to visit.

Next up is our lovely Tracey Wheeler. Co owner of Wheeler Ladies Wear, you’ll be able to find her in Arch 155 (the first arch at the Uxbridge Road entrance). One of our most bubbly and vibrant characters, the wonderful Tracey is always on hand to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to Womenswear fashions. Specialists in on trend pieces, you’re sure to get some stellar fashion advice along with your purchase!

And last most most certainly not least, let us introduce you to Laura Sakstein. Owner of Laura’s Fruit & Nut Case, you’ll find her right by the Uxbridge Road entrance. Having served the local community with sweet treats for years, you’ll usually find her chatting away to her regular customers who come by to see her as often as they can. Always up for a bubble and stocked with items for most dietary restrictions, be sure to pay her a little visit today.

And that’s not all! We have the wonderful Mrs Mumuni who owns one of our best haberdashers in Shop 43 and Mrs Harar, owner of Harmit Fashion in Arch 189. We’re proud to say that we are home to such a wonderful and inspiring bunch of women, be sure to come by and pay all of them a visit today and show them a little appreciation this International Women’s Day!