We just love a good hair accessory, and what better than the timeless head scarf..

We may be famous for fabrics but one of our most popular items, that doesn’t quite get the credit it deserves, is the classic head scarf. Whether used for a stylish hijab, wrap or DIY turban/headband, we can’t think of a more appropriate accessory for the summer.

Although there are many places within the market where you can find a variety of gorgeous prints & textures. The only stall entirely dedicated to this timeless accessory is She Fashion – Stall 54.

head scarf shepherds bush market

Mr Kalra, the owner of She Fashion

Serving both fashion & function, choosing to adopt this stylish summer trend also means you’re protecting those ends from the much dreaded sun damage (yes that glorious orb in the sky does damage more than just the skin) or maybe you’ve got a festival booked in this season and you know all too well that hair isn’t going to get washed for 3 days (hey, no judgement!) in which case, a hair turban is most definitely what you need.

She Fashion caters to a variety of tastes. With textures ranging from silks & satins, to cottons & poly’s with a broad array of prints to choose from, we can safely say you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’re big fans of the yellow Russian print (pictured above) with some gold door knocker earrings – a great look for Notting Hill Carnival this year, right?!

If the idea of wrapping your own doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, you can pick from a large selection of ready made turbans also.

Need a little inspiration? Sit back and enjoy these tutorials from gorgeous YouTubers Kihlamazing and Luxy Hair

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