• Fletcher’s Fruit and Veg

Fletcher’s Fruit and Veg

Unit; Stall 88-89

We’ve said it enough times that Shepherd’s Bush Market is famous for it’s fresh fruit and veg. Well, meet the Fletcher’s – one of the main reasons why!

If you’ve ever walked through the market, you’re sure to have seen these guys! This friendly face is Syliva Fletcher, occupying the first stall at The Goldhawk Road entrance since the 1960s, the Fletcher’s have been providing the local community with fresh fruit and veg for over 55 years! Definitely being some of the biggest characters in the market, you are sure to get a laugh alongside your purchase.

Whether you need to pick yourself up some tomatoes for dinner or are looking to finally stick to your 5 a day, they can accommodate! Whether or not against his own will, John Fletcher (Sylvia’s son) goes to collect their produce fresh EVERY morning – could you say the same for your local supermarket?