• Almaz Textiles
    Greg Marshall Photography | @gjmarshall_photo

Units; Shop 29 & 22

14 years strong Mr Guruwar, owner of Almaz Textiles, has been supplying the local community with fabrics for as far back as we can remember!

In shop 29 you will find a gorgeous blend of Sudanese and Somali fabrics. Bright and colourful, the fabrics are already paired and sectioned into outfits, so all you have to do is pick up what you fancy and run to the tailor with your design! Sourced internationally, new stock makes it’s way into the shop every week, so no two trips are ever alike!

Shop 22 stocks what we refer to as ‘essential fabrics’. You’ll find a rainbow of velvet’s, chiffon’s, jersey’s and polyester’s in abundance! Holding a smaller range of prints, they also stock floral poly-cotton and a small selection of African fabrics.

Fun Fact; Almaz Textiles had actually supplied many of the fabrics used to create Cinderella’s evil step mother’s costumes in the 2015 movie! And if it’s good enough for her…