port of m Are you a major foodie fan? Then why not check out the market’s newest pop-up stalls known as Port Of Manila, home of the best tasting flavours of the Philippines. They serve noting but fresh food and traditional dishes such as: lumpia, Filipino–style spring rolls; Cassava cake, it’s a super delicious cake made from cassava root and coconut milk and many more! port of m 4port of m 3



I got a chance to catch up with Maria, head chef of Port Manila to find out more about her amazing food:



How Long have you been in the food business?

Maria: Just over 11 years! We’re normally based in Brackenbury road (not far from Shepherds Bush station)

What made you get into the food industry ?

Maria: We are a family that is passionate about introducing authentic Filipino cuisine to the world with pride. I just love food and I enjoy serving it to the many people who enjoy the taste of the Philippines warms my heart.

How do you think it’s going to sell in the market?

Maria:Really well! Here in west London, there’s a very big Philippine community so I know that will drive business. Also, seeing how it’s a very diverse market I’m hoping to expand on the amount of people that visit us!


To find out more, visit their page: click here to view their website or click here to check out their Facebook page