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Building Community Links At SBM

Building Community Links At SBM

Are you a local community group with an idea to use our space? Well, read on…

There’s nothing we love more than getting involved with our local community. We’ve been lucky enough to work with many groups including The Shepherd’s Bush Families Project, White City Youth Centre, Into University and a variety of our local schools.

Be it for promotional purposes or to get your members involved in a cool idea revolving the market, we are more than happy to oblige. We’ve had bake sales, tombolas, Halloween parties, fundraising raffles and even hosted a Young Trader Competition – to name a few! And, we’re always on the hunt for the latest idea that our communities want to get into effect.

So if you’re part of a local school or community initiative and need a space to host a particular idea, get in touch. Contact: info@myshepherdsbushmarket.com with your idea!

Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush – Highlights

Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush – Highlights

We’re sure you would have heard that the Shubbak Festival came to the market last week. Missed out? Well you can catch up here!

London’s largest Arabic cultural event made their way through our gates last week for 3 days of fun. Traders and customers were thoroughly entertained with live music, storytelling, an introduction into food memories and a breathtaking art installation by an international art collective! We hope you had a chance to come by and join in on the festivities, and if not, read on to find out what you missed…

Occupying one of our pop up pitches, no one was able to resist taking a second out of the day to unwind and relax in the incredible art installation by Variant Space; a groundbreaking collective of international Muslim female artists who have come together with one aim, passion and love: the arts. You could soak in the atmosphere whilst listening to the sounds of the record player, or even indulge in a spot of TV. 

The main stage saw a variety of musical performances take place at regular intervals throughout the day, from traditional live music, DJ sets & poetry readings passers by were thoroughly entertained by a collection of unique and unmissable talent. We were even treated to an amazing performance by our local kids from Miles Coverdale Primary School!

You could take a moment to lose yourself in the storytelling nook, beautifully decorated to transport any dweller into the Arabian desert, treating your ears to some wonderfully imaginative tales. One of our double stalls was also transformed into a pop up cinema where a range of short independent films played throughout the entirety of the festival. 

The food memories were very popular amongst passers by – an interactive piece where you could add ingredients and have your dish named. Conveniently located by one of our most popular food vendors, the game certainly became a highlight of the festival!


We had an amazing 3 days and couldn’t be happier to have been a part of this spectacular event, make sure to comment below what was your favourite part of the festival! On to Shubbak 2019! 

If you want to be the first in the know about the latest pop ups & attractions at the market follow us on twitter here!

Head Scarves & Wraps At Shepherd’s Bush Market

Head Scarves & Wraps At Shepherd’s Bush Market

We just love a good hair accessory, and what better than the timeless head scarf..

We may be famous for fabrics but one of our most popular items, that doesn’t quite get the credit it deserves, is the classic head scarf. Whether used for a stylish hijab, wrap or DIY turban/headband, we can’t think of a more appropriate accessory for the summer.

Although there are many places within the market where you can find a variety of gorgeous prints & textures. The only stall entirely dedicated to this timeless accessory is She Fashion – Stall 54.

head scarf shepherds bush market

Mr Kalra, the owner of She Fashion

Serving both fashion & function, choosing to adopt this stylish summer trend also means you’re protecting those ends from the much dreaded sun damage (yes that glorious orb in the sky does damage more than just the skin) or maybe you’ve got a festival booked in this season and you know all too well that hair isn’t going to get washed for 3 days (hey, no judgement!) in which case, a hair turban is most definitely what you need.

She Fashion caters to a variety of tastes. With textures ranging from silks & satins, to cottons & poly’s with a broad array of prints to choose from, we can safely say you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’re big fans of the yellow Russian print (pictured above) with some gold door knocker earrings – a great look for Notting Hill Carnival this year, right?!

If the idea of wrapping your own doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, you can pick from a large selection of ready made turbans also.

Need a little inspiration? Sit back and enjoy these tutorials from gorgeous YouTubers Kihlamazing and Luxy Hair

Ready to try your own? Make sure to tweet us your pictures @shepherdsbushmarket!

Shubbak Festival Comes To Shepherd’s Bush!

Shubbak Festival Comes To Shepherd’s Bush!

London’s largest contemporary Arabic cultural festival is landing right on our doorstep…

We’re elated to announce that the Shubbak Festival will be taking over the market this July! Famed for connecting London audiences with the best contemporary Arab culture, the organisation has attracted over 50,000 visitors in more than 40 venues at their last festival alone!

Shubbak will be taking over 5 spots throughout market lane for 3 days of fun. Working with London based and international art institutions, many participants travel over the world to take part in the biennial event. You can expect visual arts, film, music, theatre, dance & literature as the artists bring the town to life through creativity and interactions with market shoppers & traders.

Shepherd’s Bush Market will see a strong focus on music, storytelling and live art being created with textiles sourced from the market as the medium, as artists explore our vibrant town and it’s rich multicultural history.

Running from 13 – 15th July,  be sure to join us for 3 incredible days of creative interventions.

The best part? The festival is completely free! Join us:

Thursday 13th July: 10am – 6pm
Friday 14th July: 10am – 6pm
Saturday 15th July: 10am – 6pm

Be sure to keep an eye on our twitter for live updates!

Let’s Get Social

Let’s Get Social

There’s nothing we love more than cruising on social media for a killer photo. We’re pleased to have seen a wave of uploads featuring nothing other than our very own market and all we have to offer…

Like anyone and everyone, we do love a little scroll over the old social media every now and then, and we’re always pleased to receive a notification letting us know someone has posted a gorgeous photo of their purchase or experience in the market. 

With such an amazing collection of photos building online, we just had to show a little appreciation and upload them to our very own site for your viewing pleasure…

Pretty impressive, right?

Long may it continue, and we want YOU to get involved! Whether your a professional photographer or just addicted to ‘instagraming’ your daily life, make sure to hashtag #shepherdsbushmarket in your posts, or tag us directly! Find our handles on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

DON’T FORGET! The top 4 will make their way into our seasonal newsletter sent out to over 10,000 people in the local area. See who got selected our Spring edition HERE

*Featured photos are via Instagram and have been credited to their respective owners. 

Street Food Hits SBM!

Street Food Hits SBM!

We’ve had some new vendors join our foodie haven…

If you’ve passed through the market recently, you may have noticed we’ve had some incredible new additions serving up nothing but steaming hot & delicious street food.

There’s no denying the incredible aroma that has been filling the market since our latest vendors China Wok opened. Serving out onto Goldhawk Road, they’ve fast become a local favourite…

Having joined us from the Truman Brewery, China Wok are serving up street food cult classics like sweet and sour chicken to spicy beef with your choice of noodles or fried rice. Any true street food fanatic will know that the trend originated from the delicious Chinese delicacies you could pick up on the go through any one of London’s markets, and we’re happy to have one of the pioneers right here on our doorstep.

With a small box for £4 and a large for £5, you can mix and match to your hearts content. Filled right to the brim, they’ll ensure you’re getting your money’s worth! Open 6 days a week, China Wok serve directly onto the main road, so they’ll be open even when we’re not!

If you’re after something a little unique, we’re elated to have welcomed Nepalese Street Food into the community, in the form of Momo Hut..

After spending years working in the events & catering industry, Momo Huts owner, Bimala, found there was a serious gap in the market for the delicacies from her home country. She wasn’t wrong, serving up steaming hot dumplings and a selection of incredible curries, Momo Hut has been an instant success!

With options for both vegetarians and meat lovers, Bimala assures us the secret is in her spices, which you are sure not to find anywhere else. Each dish is served up with your choice of their secret sauces, which seems to be what has got the locals hooked!

So, if you’re craving a taste of something exotic, we recommend making your way down to see these ladies. We mean, come on, 8 dumplings from as little as £3.. how could you say no?

In the form of a bright orange gazebo located near the Goldhawk Road entrance, our mouths have been drooling and tummies well fed since welcoming Urban Okra into the market…

Photo @urbanokra

Photo @urbanokra

Serving up curried goat, jollof rice, spicy grilled chicken skewers, fried plantain and much more, we’ve NEVER had African street food like this before!

A festival of flavours on the palette, you can’t miss the opportunity to sample the incredible delicacies being served up daily. Urban Okra will be here for the rest of the week, and given that our customers continue showering them with the love their food deserves, possibly throughout summer too!!

To be the first in the know about upcoming events and daily pop ups follow us on Twitter.

20 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit Shepherd’s Bush Market

20 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit Shepherd’s Bush Market

Read up on the top 20 reasons why you need to visit Shepherd’s Bush Market;

1.We’re a historical landmark within the West London Community, with 2017 being our 103rd year.

Photo by @nomtaigne on Instagram

Photo by @nomtaigne on Instagram

2. We’re world renowned for some of the best falafel in not only the city but dare we say… the world?

3. Our traders are super friendly and are always up for a good bubble.

Snapshot from the 2015 Cinderella movie

Snapshot from the 2015 Cinderella movie

4. One of our fabric traders are so good, they supplied the fabric for Cinderella’s evil Stepmother in the 2015 hit movie. Find out who here.

5. Our bedding and household furnishings are the exact same that go through some of our major department stores like John Lewis, but at a fraction of the price.

Photo courtesy of @hdglutenfree on instagram

Photo courtesy of @hdglutenfree on instagram

6. Sylvia Fletcher makes sure her son, John, picks up their fruit & veg from the wholesaler EVERY morning. Only to ensure they’re bringing you the best!

The Display in Bush Store Jeweller's

The Display in Bush Store Jeweller’s – @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

7. We have our very own Aladdin’s Cave.

8. You can buy home favourites from Africa to Latin America.

9. You can pick up fresh popcorn and mint tea on your travels through the market.

10. We were voted one of Buzzfeed’s must visit London markets.

Fabrics from Shepherd's Bush Market

@shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

11. We’re world renowned for our fabric, holding some of the best stock from England to Africa!

12. Customers get the chance to win £5 on the spot if you’re the first to show the manager a selfie with a trader – listen out for the tannoy announcements!

Kylie Lip Kit @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

Kylie Lip Kit @shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

13. You’ll be surprised by all the on trend products you will find.

14. We have a constant supply of perfectly ripe, tropical fruit year round.


@shepherdsbushmarket on Instagram

15. You can find some of the largest avocado’s in the nation.

16. One of our food traders spent over 10 years cooking for some of the biggest names in pop culture, we can’t name names though. 😬

17. We’re a revolving door of pop up traders, so you never know what new treasure you may find!

Photo courtesy of sam_ikinofo on Instagram

Photo courtesy of sam_ikinofo on Instagram

18. We make sure to keep it super atmospheric for you in the evenings.

19. We’re conveniently located between Shepherd’s Bush Market and Goldhawk Road Underground stations, so getting here is a total breeze.

20. And lastly, our market is full of small, family run, independent businesses. By choosing to shop here means funding our local economy and helping the heart of our town beat that little bit stronger.

So be sure to pay us a little visit on your next trip through West London, we’re not a local favourite for nothing!


The Felix Project Needs Your Donations!

The Felix Project Needs Your Donations!

We’ve teamed up with The Felix Project and we need your donations!

Bishop of London's along with other faith leaders visit St Laurence's Larder, Brondesbury, where they help with the unloading of food from a Felix van....

Bishop of London’s along with other faith leaders visit St Laurence’s Larder, Brondesbury, where they help with the unloading of food from a Felix van….

For those not in the know, The Felix Project is an organisation that collects surplus food and delivers to charities tackling food poverty. (this is where we come in…)

The organisation was set up by Justin Byam Shaw to commemorate his late son Felix, after his untimely passing in 2014. Felix was known for his compassion and his parent’s wished to create something he would be proud of to continue his legacy, and so, The Felix Project was born.

Sadiq Khan delivering food to St Mungo's charity in a Felix van in support of the ES Food for London campaign.... Sadiq handing out the fresh produce out the back of the van to St Mungo residents.....

Sadiq Khan delivering food to St Mungo’s charity in a Felix van in support of the ES Food for London campaign…. Sadiq handing out the fresh produce out the back of the van to St Mungo residents…..

So, from the 28th – 31st of December we will be collecting food donations from our customers and traders in order to help tackle food poverty within the UK this season.

We hope that you will all have plenty to donate to help those in need this time of year. If you would like to donate, please make your way to the Market Manager’s Office and leave your contribution with a member of the team.

The MM office is located 6 stalls in to the left from the Goldhawk Road entrance of the market, please feel free to ask any trader as they will be able to point you in the right direction.

There are guidelines in place what can and can’t be donated, please see below;

Please donate any items from the following;

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Dried goods ie pasta, rice etc
  • Wrapped/Packaged bread, pastries and cakes (no loose loaves/rolls or cakes)
  • Tinned food
  • Packet goods ie soups, mixes etc
  • Jars ie sauces, jams etc

Please do not donate;

  • Meat Products
  • Fish Products
  • Anything past it’s sell by date

We will stop taking donations on the 31st December.

This a great cause and a fantastic alternative to throwing out any food you feel you may longer need. Don’t forget to tweet us and let us know what you’ve donated!!

Festive Trading Days!

Festive Trading Days!

Christmas is on it’s way and we’re looking forward to a festive month of market life!

Be sure to make your way over for your pick of gifts and fresh produce to cook up for Christmas dinner! Please remember the market will be closed on the following days; Monday 26th December, Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January.

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Christmas At The Market

Christmas At The Market

Ho, Ho, Ho! The Festive season is nearly among us and we just can’t wait to get things underway!

We’ve ensured that every weekend will have a festive offering for passers by and the local community to get involved in. You can expect carollers, bake/craft sales and a variety of charitable causes to support.


If you’ve strolled through the market in the last week, you would have noticed that our Christmas lights have now been activated for 2016 (have you noticed our swanky new banners yet too…?) giving us all the pre – Christmas feels…

In addition, we have 2 HUGE trees on their way. They’ll be lit to the heavens providing us all with the festive sparkle we’ve so desperately missed…

December will see our space filled and animated every Friday and Saturday throughout the month with a variety of local community groups, Christmas themed pop ups and a range of charitable causes to support. Scroll down for our full timetable and make sure to pencil us in your diary!

Pop Up’s

Lucky Go Cooky

Lucky Go Cooky

The German Wholegrain Baker’s Shop

Charlotte’s Cake Creation’s

Our regular pop up The German Wholegrain Baker’s Shop will be back with us with a whole new twist on their regular menu. They’ll be introducing a whole line of authentic German Christmas confections for us to sink our teeth into! If that wasn’t enough, newcomers to the market Lucky Go Cooky and Charlotte’s Cake Creations will be popping up shop with a huge selection of their Christmas themed bakes. Whether for yourself or as a gift, make sure to swing by and pick up some of these tasty treats!

Christmas Carol’s

Trinity West Church and The Treblemakers

We’ll be having some amazing carolling sets from a few of our local groups. Trinity West Church, The Treblemakers and The Masbro Centre will all be coming down to the market on separate days to treat our ears to some festive tunes. From Silent Night to O’ Come All Ye Faithful come and get in the festive spirit with the sound of Christmas!

Community Groups/Charitable Causes

We have always been passionate about giving back to our local community and ensuring that everyone has the chance to be involved. We’ll be working with our local community groups The Harrow Club and The Masbro Centre/Urban Partnership Group as part of their development programs for their members. The Harrow Club will be taking over our pop up spaces over 3 days in December selling their handmade Christmas themed crafts and bakes, be sure to swing by and purchase something as all proceeds will go toward their group. The loveable bunch that took part in our Young Trader Competition from Greenside Primary School will be back on our ground and we can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store!

Our charitable contribution is currently growing, Family Action will be kicking things off with a collection running through the market on the 2nd of December, please be sure to donate what you can to help a family in need.
Our Christmas plans are still being developed and added to, be sure to keep an eye on our twitter and check back to this post for updates. If you would like to be involved in Christmas At The Market please contact info@myshepherdsbushmarket.com with your idea.

Roll up, Roll up! Young Trader’s take over SBM!

Roll up, Roll up! Young Trader’s take over SBM!

8 local students sold their hearts out at their very own market stall, and taught us all a thing or two in the process!

*Scroll down for video*

If you follow us on social media you may have heard that we were holding our first ever Young Trader Competition. Partnered with Greenside Primary School as part of their ‘Specialist Programme’, we gave 8 bright and bubbly students the chance to experience what it’s like to be a market trader.

Provided with a table and stock donated by our existing traders, our young protege’s went out for the morning and showed us all they truly had the ‘gift of the gab’! Each and every one of these students exceeded the expectations of management, customers and traders alike, throwing out some great one liners and teaching us all a thing or two about market banter! Having made themselves a pretty penny (and they earned every bit!) let’s recap on how the day went down…

A crash course in trading

A crash course in trading

First our traders were given a crash course in the art of market trade. Led by the market manager (and with a little help from YouTube) they learnt all about the ‘art of the pitch’.

Setting up shop!

Setting up shop!

Supplied with a variety of produce and fresh fruit and veg, we asked our young traders to set up their stall how they thought best.

IMG_3375 (2)

The group was then split into two teams of 4. We had been told that our young traders had been watching The Apprentice in order to prepare for the day, so, in true form of the TV show a team leader was picked and a friendly competition was introduced. All went swimmingly until it came to the ‘board room’ where we all learnt we didn’t have the cut throat nature to axe any one from the teams, so…

… on to group trading it was! Our students sure weren’t shy when it came to pulling in the customers and making a sale. Drawing them in with infectious energy passers by had no choice but to purchase something! With some great one liners like ‘ A little spice to funk up your rice’ and ‘How about a banana to turn that frown upside down’ watch some of the highlights below;


After a great morning, the students had a tour around the market. They met some of the owners of our longest standing businesses and learnt about our history from the people who have been a part of it. Sure not to leave these loveable scamps empty handed, our traders were handing out drinks, sweets and even falafel’s to show our appreciation for them coming by and joining the market. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to get this amazing bunch back for a Christmas event too!

A huge thanks to Greenside Primary School and their lovely students for coming by, you made our day!

If you are a local school/community group that would like to work with us, please contact shaherazadfayyaz@wellingtonmarkets.co.uk

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