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Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush – Highlights

Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush – Highlights

We’re sure you would have heard that the Shubbak Festival came to the market last week. Missed out? Well you can catch up here!

London’s largest Arabic cultural event made their way through our gates last week for 3 days of fun. Traders and customers were thoroughly entertained with live music, storytelling, an introduction into food memories and a breathtaking art installation by an international art collective! We hope you had a chance to come by and join in on the festivities, and if not, read on to find out what you missed…

Occupying one of our pop up pitches, no one was able to resist taking a second out of the day to unwind and relax in the incredible art installation by Variant Space; a groundbreaking collective of international Muslim female artists who have come together with one aim, passion and love: the arts. You could soak in the atmosphere whilst listening to the sounds of the record player, or even indulge in a spot of TV. 

The main stage saw a variety of musical performances take place at regular intervals throughout the day, from traditional live music, DJ sets & poetry readings passers by were thoroughly entertained by a collection of unique and unmissable talent. We were even treated to an amazing performance by our local kids from Miles Coverdale Primary School!

You could take a moment to lose yourself in the storytelling nook, beautifully decorated to transport any dweller into the Arabian desert, treating your ears to some wonderfully imaginative tales. One of our double stalls was also transformed into a pop up cinema where a range of short independent films played throughout the entirety of the festival. 

The food memories were very popular amongst passers by – an interactive piece where you could add ingredients and have your dish named. Conveniently located by one of our most popular food vendors, the game certainly became a highlight of the festival!


We had an amazing 3 days and couldn’t be happier to have been a part of this spectacular event, make sure to comment below what was your favourite part of the festival! On to Shubbak 2019! 

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Head Scarves & Wraps At Shepherd’s Bush Market

Head Scarves & Wraps At Shepherd’s Bush Market

We just love a good hair accessory, and what better than the timeless head scarf..

We may be famous for fabrics but one of our most popular items, that doesn’t quite get the credit it deserves, is the classic head scarf. Whether used for a stylish hijab, wrap or DIY turban/headband, we can’t think of a more appropriate accessory for the summer.

Although there are many places within the market where you can find a variety of gorgeous prints & textures. The only stall entirely dedicated to this timeless accessory is She Fashion – Stall 54.

head scarf shepherds bush market

Mr Kalra, the owner of She Fashion

Serving both fashion & function, choosing to adopt this stylish summer trend also means you’re protecting those ends from the much dreaded sun damage (yes that glorious orb in the sky does damage more than just the skin) or maybe you’ve got a festival booked in this season and you know all too well that hair isn’t going to get washed for 3 days (hey, no judgement!) in which case, a hair turban is most definitely what you need.

She Fashion caters to a variety of tastes. With textures ranging from silks & satins, to cottons & poly’s with a broad array of prints to choose from, we can safely say you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’re big fans of the yellow Russian print (pictured above) with some gold door knocker earrings – a great look for Notting Hill Carnival this year, right?!

If the idea of wrapping your own doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, you can pick from a large selection of ready made turbans also.

Need a little inspiration? Sit back and enjoy these tutorials from gorgeous YouTubers Kihlamazing and Luxy Hair

Ready to try your own? Make sure to tweet us your pictures @shepherdsbushmarket!

Shubbak Festival Comes To Shepherd’s Bush!

Shubbak Festival Comes To Shepherd’s Bush!

London’s largest contemporary Arabic cultural festival is landing right on our doorstep…

We’re elated to announce that the Shubbak Festival will be taking over the market this July! Famed for connecting London audiences with the best contemporary Arab culture, the organisation has attracted over 50,000 visitors in more than 40 venues at their last festival alone!

Shubbak will be taking over 5 spots throughout market lane for 3 days of fun. Working with London based and international art institutions, many participants travel over the world to take part in the biennial event. You can expect visual arts, film, music, theatre, dance & literature as the artists bring the town to life through creativity and interactions with market shoppers & traders.

Shepherd’s Bush Market will see a strong focus on music, storytelling and live art being created with textiles sourced from the market as the medium, as artists explore our vibrant town and it’s rich multicultural history.

Running from 13 – 15th July,  be sure to join us for 3 incredible days of creative interventions.

The best part? The festival is completely free! Join us:

Thursday 13th July: 10am – 6pm
Friday 14th July: 10am – 6pm
Saturday 15th July: 10am – 6pm

Be sure to keep an eye on our twitter for live updates!